That Orange Stuff 128 oz. (1 Gallon) $137.95
Don’t know how much That Orange Stuff you will need for the initial treatment and maintenance program? Click the calculation button below for an easy to use calculation sheet. Products
In order to create the most effective program, all of your staff should familiarize themselves with the information contained in this web site.  But let’s face it, what is the likelihood that they will sit down and go through all of it?  Download the complete information manual in PDF format, containing all of the information used on this web site, by clicking the information manual button above.  Then all of your staff can take a few minutes to join the no more fruit flies team..

Each gallon comes with a printed version of this web site in order instruct your staff on how to identify the problem effectively. Also included are step by step instructions on how to use this product. That Orange Stuff is organic and safe to use around food items.  
We have found one product that is most effective in the elimination of fruit flies and their breeding grounds; That Orange Stuff

While testing That Orange Stuff for institutional cleaning applications, we noticed that it was able to tackle a job that we did not expect. It was able to effectively eliminate fruit flies. This product is not an insecticide so it will not violate any agreement that you have with current pest control vendors. By using That Orange Stuff as indicated on this site, you can effectively eliminate your fruit fly problem once and for all. That Orange Stuff is super concentrated; we have found it very cost effective for a number of uses.
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That Orange Stuff 256 oz. (2 One Gallon Containers) $236.00
That is a savings of $19.95 per gallon.
That Orange Stuff 512oz. (4 One Gallon Containers) $392.00
That is a savings of $39.95 per gallon.
That Orange Stuff 640oz. (One 5 Gallon Container) $489..00 
That is a savings of $40.15 per gallon.