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Second, we need to identify the breeding ground.  Once a structure is infested with fruit flies, all potential breeding areas must be located and eliminated. Unless the breeding sites are removed or cleaned, the problem will continue no matter how often insecticides are applied to control the adults, which we do not recommend.  Although any flying insect repellent will work, you are just eliminating a small amount of your problem while often leaving a toxic residue on food and dining surfaces.  

Finding the source(s) of attraction and breeding can be very challenging and often will require much thought and persistence.  Potential breeding sites which are accessible (e.g. garbage disposals and drains) can be easily inspected.  Below are some pictures of a few areas that you can be sure to find breeding fruit flies during an active infestation.
SECTION 2 - Identify The Breeding Ground
Floor Drains
Maintenance Sinks & Drains
Kitchen and Bar Sinks
Beer Tap Drains
Beer Taps
Bar Mats

To find out if drains are actually your problem area or source of feeding and breeding of small flies, use this simple test for your initial inspection. Just prior to closing your restaurant or kitchen you should thoroughly dry off all sinks or areas around the drain you are testing.  

Your next step is to place a single strip of tape across the center of each drain, sticky side of tape facing down. Do not completely cover the drain opening. There must be open space to allow for an updraft which allows the flies to emerge. Leave the strips of tape in place overnight. If you find flies stuck to the tape, you now know for certain that that particular drain does have flies. You can now proceed to elimination of flies in your drain.  

If you do not find flies stuck to the tape, repeat the tape test for at least 3 or 4 nights so that your test will coincide with any possible breeding cycle. This tape test is not complicated or expensive but it will help in determining a possible breeding ground for your targeted pest. If you do not find flies stuck to your tape (even after trying the test for several consecutive nights) then you know that there are other possible breeding sources that must be located and treated (or eliminated) in order to rid your business of nuisance flies and gnats. Testing should be used once you have gotten rid of most of the flies and you are trying to identify and eliminate a problem area.  

If you are just treating a few drains during an active infestation, you will find that the flies will move from a drain that you are treating to one that you are not.
Soda Dispenser
Soda Gun
Liquor Bottles