SECTION 6 - Let's Review
In conclusion, if you have an active infestation, it is easier to treat all of the drains with That Orange Stuff®  as described in the section dealing with elimination of the breeding ground.   Testing should be used once you have gotten rid of most of the flies and you are trying to identify and eliminate a problem area.   If you are just treating a few drains during an active infestation, you will find that the flies will move from a drain that you are treating to one that you are not.

Please refer to the Elimination (Section 3) and Maintenance (Section 5)sections for proper mixing ratios of That Orange Stuff®.  Remember That Orange Stuff® is a concentrate and should never be used straight for these applications.

To eliminate an infestation, treat all drains twice a day with sixteen ounces of the That Orange Stuff®  mixture for seven days, and clean all surfaces with the That Orange Stuff®  mixture as well. 

For ongoing maintenance, treat all drains when you close with eight ounces of That Orange Stuff®  mixture and keep all surface areas clean by wiping them down on a regular basis with the That Orange Stuff®  mixture.