SECTION 3 - Remove The Breeding Ground
Once they have started flying around, they key is to remove any breeding grounds they might have.   One female fruit fly can produce as many as 400 eggs.   This means that once they begin breeding, their numbers will grow far more than exponentially.   Deep cleaning and drying all surfaces and floors fully is the first step.   Used linens should be kept away from dining and food storage areas overnight.   All beer taps should be covered.   Placing tape over most of the surface opening overnight should test drains.   If flies are found on the tape in the morning, that area will need to be treated for an active infestation.   Overly ripened produce should be discarded nightly.   Keeping the front and back of the house clean and dry will prevent the fruit flies from having a safe habitat for their eggs.
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That Orange Stuff® will safely remove the residues from drains and surfaces that the little devils find so tasty.   Simply mix four ounces of That Orange Stuff® to a gallon of water.   Pour some of the mixture into a spray bottle and use this to clean surfaces on a regular basis throughout the day.   If you have an active infestation, ALL drains will need to be treated twice a day for seven days.  This is very easy to accomplish.  With the above mixture, pour about 16 oz. down each drain when you first arrive in the morning and then before you leave at night.  At night, this should be done as the very last thing after all normal cleaning is completed.  Remember, you must treat ALL of the drains.