SECTION 5 - Maintenance and Prevention
After you have successfully eliminated your problem, it is necessary to train all of your staff in a simple ongoing maintenance program.   Remember, every time you bring fresh fruit or vegetables into your location, you are potentially bringing in thousands of eggs that are hitchhiking on the outer surfaces, especially if the fruit are vegetable has a damaged spot.

The best way to avoid problems with fruit flies is to eliminate sources of attraction.  Produce which has ripened should be eaten, discarded or refrigerated.  It is a good idea to refrigerate all produce if you have the space.   Cracked or damaged portions of fruits and vegetables should be cut away and discarded in the event that eggs or larvae are present in the wounded area.  A single rotting potato or onion forgotten at the back of an unrefrigerated reach in, or fruit juice spillage under a refrigerator can breed thousands of fruit flies. 

Continue to use the That Orange Stuff® mixture to clean your surface areas, especially around the bar area.   After you close and have finished all of the cleaning for the evening, pour about 8 oz. of the That Orange Stuff® mixture down all of the drains. Since That Orange Stuff® is a concentrate, you will find that the maintenance program to be very inexpensive and very effective at keeping fruit flies from returning to your establishment.