How Much That Orange Stuff will I need?
Each gallon is enough concentrate to create 256 16 oz. applications of useable product.  That is enough to treat roughly 9 areas twice a day for seven days.  Also remember, the larger the drain, the more That Orange Stuff Mixture you will need to treat it. i.e. Beer tap drains will require less of the mixture than a large floor drain.  Just make sure that the drain is thoroughly rinsed with the That Orange Stuff Mixture as often as is indicated. Remember to review all of the breading areas on this web site or in the information manual.  Use the simple formula below to determine the amount that you will need for both the initial elimination and the maintenance program.
Initial Treatment Calculator

In order to determine how much That Orange Stuff you will need for the initial treatment; (1) count the number of areas that you will need to treat. If you need a refresher on what these areas are, go back to the identify the breeding ground section of this site. Enter that number here: ___________  

(2) Multiply the number of areas by two, one treatment when you open and another when you close, and write that number here: ______________

(3) Multiply the number from line (2)number by 16. Sixteen ounces of finished product are needed per treatment. Write that number here: _______________

(4) Take the number from (3) and divide by 256. There are 256 16 oz. treatments that can be made from one gallon of concentrate. Write that number here: ______________.

The number from section (4) is the number of gallons that you will need for the initial treatment.

Click HERE for a printable version of the Initial Treatment Calculator.

Maintenance Program Calculator

Calculating for the Maintenance Program is simple. Take the number of gallons necessary for the Initial Treatment Program from line (4) _________ and multiply it times 0.25: _____________

For the Maintenance Program, it takes less of the mixture per application, only 8 oz. or one half of the amount required for Initial Treatment Program. So that makes the amount of necessary concentrate only one half of that needed for the Initial Treatment Program.  And, you are treating only once a day, in the evening after you have completed all closing duties. Therefore you are able to cut the number in half again.  

Click HERE for a printable version of the Maintenance Program Calculator.

It a nut shell, you can treat all of the areas of your restaurant during the maintenance program for a full month on the same amount of That Orange Stuff that you used for one week during the initial elimination phase. I think we can all agree that it is a fraction of the cost of lost food, wine, liquor, and customers that comes with a fruit fly infestation.